About Me

I am a digital artist. A mother. A wife.

Thanks to my various interests I am well versed in different aspects of the digital field, graphic design, web design and also photography. My knowledge includes color theory, print, HTML, CSS and social media.

From pervious employments I can assure you that I have understanding of customer relations and deadlines. And with this experience , my patience and friendly demeanor, has proven itself as a great asset. I can bring a pleasant experience to those that I work with, and I enjoy the process of working with others to give them the graphics they desire. Because of this, customers will come back just to work with me and the company.

My favorite program to work with is Photoshop. While in Photoshop, I can draw freely with my tablet, use it to manipulate images, enhance or even change them. I can create vector designs in Illustrator, and format menus or books in InDesign. With Notepad I can create web page with HTML and CSS. I also have the an understanding of Microsoft programs, such as Word or Publisher, and can easily convert them to a usable platform if needed.

While working as a newborn photographer in the hospitals, I learned the importance of lighting and camera settings which helps in producing the final image. When saving images from the digital camera, different file formats will have an effect on the final product. It's quality that will set us apart from the competition.

I want to keep learning and growing as an artist and look forward to what the future will bring.

Volunteer Work

Art Show Director - Ring of Fire Convention (ROFCON)
Artist Alley Head - Anime Mid-Atlantic (AMA)