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How it began.

     So back in the day when the internet was still fairly new I had started up my first website on Geocities, it was an image gallery for the series Sailor Moon. Eventually I had collected so many images online it progressed to more and more galleries which then required me to make a single spot to connect all these sites together and thus, the Anime Train Line was formed.

     I've really enjoyed creating my galleries and various sites. I'm very happy with the response they had gotten.

Where it is now.

     So what's happening to it now you ask? Why mess with a good thing? Well, as much as I enjoy sharing all the images I've collected since I was like 12years old (so over 10 years now), I just felt I needed to shift and focus on my art. I may go back and reopen my image galleries, the Sailor Moon gallery in particular, but only time will tell.

     I hope you will come to like this new direction and show your support. Thank you.

Who am I?

     Just who am I? I'm starting to think I'm a crazy woman but it'll pass. LOL. I'm now a mother of a bouncing toddler, and yes he is a handful. I've graduated collage and am working hard to put my work out there. I love anime, animals, and many other things. I won't bore you with those details. But that's the short of it.

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